It's more than candles!

Q. C. Candle Co. is crafting unique soy candles with authenticity, sincerity and creativity.

We are a locally owned and operated 100% natural candle company, Q.C. Candle Co. was born in Queen Creek, Arizona (yep, that's where we got our name!).

Our goal is to make life more pleasant while smelling better with our new scents & classic favorites accessible to everyone.

Each of our unique soy candles are hand poured into classic apothecary jars, using 100% soy wax, no chemicals - no paraffin - no petroleum - no blends.  Q.C. Candle Co. candles are not mass produced, they are crafted in small batches allowing us to give close attention to each and every one that goes out.

Our candles are meant to make your everyday life more enjoyable, and of course smell better!

It just makes scents!


candle care!

Soy candles are fantastic for a number of reasons - they help local farmers while providing us with quality scents and aroma's minus the dangerous chemicals of paraffin candles.

Llet's make sure you get the most from them!!


Caring for your wick is by far one of the easiest ways to maintain your candle.  Don't worry, we've taken care of the initial trim for you :)  After your first burn, be sure to trim any excess burnt/curved wick before lighting to enjoy again.  This will eliminate any unwanted snap-crackling and provide a clean, consistent burn.


With proper care and responsible burning habits, each of our 16 ounce soy candles will provide you with 76-80 hours of enjoyment.  That's a long time! (like 4,800 minutes or Tiffany's hit song "I Think We're Alone Now" 1,371 times!)


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